If you lost your remote for Anker Nebula Prizm (1) Projector, here is list of IR codes for it, so that you can have other remote learn it:

Power: 0x0A
Back: 0x1C
Home: 0x0C
Center(Home): 0x1F
Up: 0x00
Down: 0x01
Left: 0x03
Right: 0x02
Voice+: 0x58
Voice_: 0X5D
Mute: 0x0D

Initially, the Logitech G G733 headset did not work on MacBook M1, there was no workaround, sound just did not come from the headset. But now, after the release of macOS Big Sur 11.3, we have finally a workaround that allows G733 to work.

If you have no sound on Mac with M1 and G733 headset, just update to macOS Big Sur 11.3 and completely remove Logitech G Hub and G733 driver from macOS and restart. Now sound and microphone should work.

Note: This guide should also work for Logitech G PRO X Wireless Headset


  1. Install AppCleaner — https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/

Download, and install Microsoft PowerToys https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys

Then open it, and in “General” settings, set “Always run as administrator” and “Run at startup.”

Then go to “Keyboard Manager” and set it up the same as in the picture below.

(Remap shortcut is valid in the picture. There is some weird behavior that needs to remap from Ctrl+Tab to Alt+Tab and not opposite as you think it should)

With Ubuntu 20.04 and Gnome 3.36.X, now we have Extension's manager build in, so it’s simple (unlike on older versions) to Disable build-in Ubuntu extensions.

Just open the Extensions application and disable Ubuntu Dock. That is all. You can disable Desktop icons or Ubuntu App Indicators.

This guide only applies to the KDE desktop environment.

In System, Settings navigate to “Hardware — Input Devices” and open “Keyboard” and then “Advanced” tab.

Here look for “Ctrl position” and check “Swap Left Alt with Left Ctrl.” This allows us to have necessary actions like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and CTRL+W on the Alt button as in macOS with a non-Apple keyboard.

You can alternatively use “Swap Left Win with Left Ctrl” if you want to use the Win key.

Most shortcuts now work. The same is in macOS. …

If you want to connect your AirPods to Ubuntu 19.10 (Any distro that uses bluez like Fedora, Manjaro, KDE Neon, etc.), it won’t work out of the box. But the solution to this is quick and easy.

We need to edit the Bluetooth configuration file: sudo nano /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

Look for “#ControllerMode = dual”. It’s at the bottom part of this file. We need to uncomment this line.

Then restart Bluetooth and pair normally: sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

This guide only applies to Gnome DE.

We need to install Gnome Tweaks for this guide. Gnome Tweaks is all in one tool for customizing Gnome DE, and it’s in Ubuntu official packages.

You can install it by the search for it in the “Ubuntu Software” application or by this command: sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

In Gnome Tweak, navigate to “Keyboard & Mouse” and open “Additional Layout Options.”

Here look for “Ctrl position” and check “Swap Left Alt with Left Ctrl.” …

If you have problems with your VS Code that uses over 100% of CPU on Windows or 30–40% on Linux, I may have a solution for you. The problem causing this is often TSServer. And with small edit in settings, you can get to 1–5% CPU on Large projects as I have. Just go to settings.json and add these lines:

"files.useExperimentalFileWatcher": false,
"typescript.validate.enable": false,
"javascript.validate.enable": false,
"files.watcherExclude": {
"**": true

This solution is a little aggressive, but it is going to help a lot, and it’s better than VS Code taking all your CPU power.

Pro většinu našich dat už máme dnes jednoduché cloudové řešení, na hudbu Apple Music a Spotify, na fotografie Apple / Google Photos, na knihy iBook atd. Ale na filmy jsem dlouhou dobu bohužel žádné rozumné řešení nenašel. Ale s příchodem Google Photos neomezeného nahrávání fotek a videí už zde řešení je, a ještě k tomu zdarma a neomezeně. Google Photos totiž umožňuje neomezené nahrávání fotek a videí, ale nezapomeňte že nelze nahrávat přímo do Google Drive, ale musíte použít webové rozhraní www.photos.google.com nebo Google Photos backup aplikaci.

1, V nastavení na photos.google.com povolíme Google Drive

2, V nastavení na drive.google.com

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